Tooth Table of a Horse ( 9 - 14 yrs. )

Greenacres Stud


At 9 yrs. old the 'cups' are gone from all of the incisors but 'marks' are still evident although possibly absent altogether from the centrals. The 'dental star' is now apparent on the laterals as well as the centrals and about this age another hook develops on the upper corner incisor as a direct effect of wear. The central incisors are practically triangular in form ( 'rounded off' ) . Also making its first appearance around nine or ten years is a dark groove known as 'Galvayne's Groove' , on the outer surface of the upper corner incisor. The dark colouration is due to the presence of cement in the groove , while cement has worn off the rest of the tooth uncovering white enamel. The groove is found midway along the length of the tooth so that for some time after eruption it remains hidden in the socket. As the tooth grows out from the gum , the groove will gradually emerge. It first appears at the gum line and with continued eruption of the tooth it gradually extends down the length of the tooth.




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2. Mark

9. Dental Star

20. Nine Year Old Hook

21. Galvayne's Groove



 9. Dental Star    20. Nine Year Old Hook   21. Galvayne's Groove


At 10 yrs. the 'marks' are becoming indistinct but the 'dental stars' are more pronounced and are tending to round - off especially on the centrals.

The shape of the tooth - tables of centrals and laterals has now become noticeably more triangular ( 'rounded off' ) . Galvayne's groove is longer and both upper and lower incisors have begun to slop forwards.



2.  Mark

9.  Dental Star

16. Central Permanent Incisor Tooth

17. Lateral Permanent Incisor Tooth

18. Corner Permanent  Incisor Tooth

21. Galvayne's Groove


  By the age of 12 yrs. the 'mark' may have gone from the centrals leaving the 'dental star' in a central position. The 'dental stars' are now noticeably round , dark and distinct. All the incisors are assuming the 'rounded off' form and Galvayne's Groove is up to three eights of an inch long.



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