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Horse breeding was first mentioned in documents in the Brandenburg March in the fifteenth century although at that time , one could hardly  speak of a uniform or standardized breed. The development to the modern Brandenburger sport horse during the mid twentieth century was achieved by utilizing Trakehners, Hanoveranians and English Thoroughbreds. The national and state stud of Neustadt/Dosse, which was founded by King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1788, had substantial influence on the development of the Brandenburger horse.




The Brandenburger horse is a well-balanced horse with a lively temperament, an easy to get along with character and little tendency to nervousness. Brandenburgers are to be found in all spheres of the riding and driving sport as well as in pleasure riding.

Following reunification with the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) , stallions from Hanoverian bloodlines and lines which came via Redefin gained a big influence on the Brandenburg breed. These included inter alia the:

Detektiv line (via Duell by Duellant, Dollarprinz by Dollart, Dispondeus by Direx),

Goldschaum xx line (via Gottland by Goldstein),

Adept line (via Abendwind by Adept, Akzento by Arzano).

The stallion Komet who came from Mecklenburg and who miraculously escaped the enforced castration that was the rule for unapproved stallions in East Germany at that time, later became a great sire and produced a series of successful show jumping sires such as Kolibri by Kobold and Kogani I by Kobold I.

A comprehensive blood rejuvenation has taken place since 1990, through the newly founded breeder’s association. Since then, mainly Holsteiners from the Ladykiller xx line and the Cor-de-la-Bryère  - SF lines, but also stallions from Oldenburg have gained predominance.

In 1999 the breeding stock encompassed 1,927 registered broodmares and 76 sires. The Neustadt/Dosse state stud is the breeding centre. This is where the stallion approval takes place in October each year.





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