Conformation of Forelimbs ( From Front )


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1 = " Regular Stance "

2 = " Crow Footed in Front "    &   3 = " Outbow - Footed " .  These type of conformation produce an unequal contact of the hoof with the ground and a consequent increase in wear of the lateral quarter and decrease of the medial quarter. Also the outer ligaments of the knees are subject to increased tension while the inner bones are subjected to increased compression. A horse with such conformation may well suffer from interference and be predisposed to stumbling.

4 = " Ox - Kneed "  This irregularity throws unusual stresses on the lower part of the limb , especially the inner ligaments of the knee and fetlock whilst standing normally.

5 = " Too Open in Front ". A horse too open in front may be due to a larges development of the breast , ribs and brisket , the limb still being more or less vertical. This conformation will render the horse that more stable but it may detract from speed.

6 = " Closed in Front " . Due to the underdevelopment of the chest muscles , the limbs will deviate outwards from a narrow chest above , the horse may be lacking in wind and the feet will wear and be subjected to unusual stress similar to the Ox - kneed or Outbow - Footed horse.








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