Outer Surface of the Horse's Head & Neck


Greenacres Stud



1.  Nostril

4.  Upper Lip

5. Lower Lip

7.  Prominence of Chin

11. Body of Lower Jaw ( Mandible )

14. Facial Crest

18. Zygomatic Arch

21. Angle of Lower Jaw

29. Parotid Salivary Gland

34. Sternothyrohyoid and Omohyoid Muscles

35. Brachiocephalic Muscle

36 & 36a Sternomandibular Part of Sternocephalic Muscle and Tendon

38 & 38a Levator Muscle of Upper Lip and Tendon

39. Levator Muscle of Upper Lip and Nostril Wing

40. Transverse Nasal Muscle

41. Dorsal Part of Lateral Nasal Muscle

42. Lateral Nostril Dilator Muscle

43. Orbicularis Oris Muscle

44. Buccinator Muscle

45. Depressor Muscle of Lower Lip

46. Zygomatic Muscle

47. Depressor Muscle of Lower Eyelid

48. Corrugator Supercilii Muscle

49. Masseter Muscle

50. Facial Artery and Vein.

51. Parotid Salivery Gland

52. Facial Nerve

53. Transverse Facial Artery and Vein

54. External Maxillary Vein









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Horse Head and Neck



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55. Masseteric Artery and Vein

56. Jugular Vein

57. Conchal Cartilage

58. Scutiform Cartilage

59. Intrascutular Muscle

60. Frontoscutular Muscle

61. Cervicoauricular Muscle

62. Parotidoauricular Muscle

63. Mastoid Tendon of Brachiocephalic Muscle

64. Slenius Muscle

65. Caudal Auricular Nerve

66. Cutaneous Colli Nerve

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