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        Being situated right in the centre of England with several handy motorway links and located close to major equestrian venues e.g. Catton Park ,The NEC , Staffordshire Showground , Chasers UK  and also close to a number of show jumping arenas , we have set aside 3 fully refurbished brick stables to accommodate your horse for bed and breakfast overnight between March and October.

Our central location has proved very popular with those people moving horses over long distances in the UK and to those people from far  a field  competing their horses locally in the Midlands.

Each stable and our yard are covered by 24 hr. CCTV .

You are at liberty to sleep in your own horsebox in our stable yard at no extra charge. If you prefer you can enquire if our own self catering accommodation is available for an additional  price of £25 per person per night (sleeping 2 adults max ) .

Alternatively , we can recommend a Human B & B just 2 minutes down the road in the village of Coton in the Elms.

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Visitors horses will have free use of the all weather floodlit ménage



Our Charges are £ 35 per horse for the first night , then  £ 30 per horse for the second and each subsequent night.

Please add  £ 10  per stable to the  total which will be refunded to you when the stables are vacated in a clean condition .

The above charges include bedding and hay .

Please Check  the following to ensure that your horse has adequate entry clearance into the stables.

Stable 1 (  16 ft. x 10 ft )                            

Door Width 3ft 6"      Door Height  7 ft.

Stables 2 and 3  ( 15ft  x 15ft )    

Door Width 3ft  6"      Door Height  7 ft  4"


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                  Well behaved pets welcomed  




The above charges are based upon One Horse / Pony per stable , but with the exception of  Mares with a Foal at Foot , Miniature Horses and  Shetlands  share a stable for no extra charge.

We do have a weight restriction of  seven and a half tons laden weight for each lorry and we are sorry that we are unable to accommodate  a stallion this year.


    If you are interested in staying with us ..... Please Go Forward To  >>>


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  Greenacres Stud is a member of the British Show Jumping Association and the Trakehner Breeders Fraternity
         Breeders of Part Bred Trakehner Warmblood Show Jumping Horses