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18th January 2009 : Markfield EC : Newcomers :  Another four fault day.

11th January 2009 : Markfield EC : Newcomers :  Although not going round , her four faults were actually good enough for a joint 3rd place from 10 starters.

January 1st 2009 : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Putting in her best jumping performance at this height , her rub of the last fence was unfortunate.

December 16th : Marchington EC : BSJA Newcomers : A pleasing clear and four today.

December 10th : Solihull EC : BSJA Newcomers : Not the most favoured venue for Hekabo with a disappointing 12 faults in the first round.

December 4th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Hekabo was put into her first Newcomers for over a year and in spite of four faults in the first round was placed 4th over a course that saw only one horse jump clear.

November 30th 2008 : Markfield EC : Discovery : Another good session giving the horse her second double clear Discovery on the trot and a 3rd place from 25 starters.

November 26th 2008 : Solihull RC : Discovery : A good double clear 7th place today.

August 14th 2008 : Weston Lawns : 1m Amateur : A run around the 1m course brought a double clear 2nd place today.

June 21st 2008 : Weston Lawns : Novice : The horse was put back into the team today and was entered HC for her re-appearance with a new rider on board and which brought a satisfying double clear.

December 31st 2007 : Hekabo has temporarily been withdrawn from the jumping team .

November 11th : Markfield EC : Blue Chip Discovery Qualifying Competition : A change of bit to give the rider better control saw a good performance with a clear and four putting her into 15th place from 70 starters.

September 15th : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.10m Major Grand Prix Qualifier : A slightly better performance today with just 4 faults.

September 13th : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.10m Major Grand Prix Qualifier : Although not fully fit it was decided to put Hekabo into the class that she was jumping prior to her injury . She lacked stamina over the last 3 fences of the first round to bring her the 12 faults.

August 13th : Weston Lawns : 1.05m Members Cup : A clear plus four faults saw Hekabo into 39th from 105 starters.

August 11th : Weston Lawns : 1.0m Amateur Championships Qualifier : A double clear 3rd place from 35 saw Hekabo qualify.

June  29th : Hargate Arenas : 1.0m Scope Qualifier : Just missing out on a qualifying place by coming 9th from 65,  her clear and four was good enough to put her into the money.

June  27th : Hargate Arenas : Hekabo has been brought back to fitness and was put through her paces over three rounds of a private training course culminating with heights of 1.20m

April 14th : A scan confirms that Hekabo has recovered from her injury and will commence light exercising. It is doubtful though that she will be ready in time to jump the Discovery regional final in June.

March 5th : Hekabo has been diagnosed with a check ligament injury.

March 3rd : Solihull RC : BSJA 1.10m Newcomers : A slight step backwards today. Hekabo was going well with only a few fences left when she unexpectedly refused a fence and then collected another for a total of 8 faults.

March 1st : Markfield : BSJA 1.10m Open : This was the highest height that Hekabo had jumped in competition and we were more than satisfied with 4 faults.

March 1st : Markfield : BSJA Newcomers : Another encouraging performance but 4 faults.

February 25th : Markfield : BSJA Newcomers : It has been decided to put Hekabo straight into Newcomers from now onwards as her first competition. Today she collected 4 faults but due to very tidy jumping decided to leave her on a good note.

February 22nd : Markfield : BSJA Newcomers : A nicely jumped first round in spite of four faults.

February 22nd : Markfield : BSJA Discovery : No controversy today as Hekabo put in a nice first round clear. Her knock down of the last two fences on a technical course put her down into 11th position from 50 starters and just one place out of the money

February 18th : Arena UK : BSJA Blue Chip Star Qualifier : Hekabo completed the first round clear but then controversy occurred when the officials who had been having problems with the timing equipment all day declared 10 time faults. In spite of our appeals , the officials would not reverse their decision leaving us somewhat disgruntled.

February 18th : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : A nice clean first round clear but a couple of lapses in concentration put Hekabo just outside of the nine money awards in tenth place.

February 11th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : A bit of a case of two steps forward and one back as Hekabo collected twelve faults today.

February 4th : Arena UK : BSJA / Derby House Championship Qualifier : In a competition over three rounds starting at 1.10m and ending at 1.30m this was a bit too much for Hekabo on the day and her 16 faults in the first round put her well down in the finishing order.

February 3rd : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : Another unfortunate 4 faults today.

February 3rd : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : Another good performance in spite of 4faults in the first round.

February 3rd : Arena UK : BSJA 1.05m  :  Hekabo put in a very fluent performance to come home in third place ( two behind her half sister Hajla Z and two places in front of stable companion Touch of Dance ) .

January 28th : Solihull RC : BSJA BEIB Star Qualifier ( 1.10m ) : On a technical qualifying course and up against Grade A & B horses , we saw this as a good opportunity to assess Hekabo's confidence at this height. In spite of taking the first two poles down she went on to complete the course pleasingly . Hekabo will be dropped back down in height for her next competition to keep her momentum going forward.

January 24th : Solihull RC : BSJA 1.05 Open : Hekabo frustratingly took down the final fence in the jump off which dropped her final position down from 5th to 10th and just outside the awards in a 42 horse field.

January 21st 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : A mixed day today as Hekabo confidently completed the first round but dropped her hind legs twice in the jump off to give her a finishing position of 15th from 46

January 14th 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : This horse just gets better as she recorded a second place from over 60 starters.

January 11th 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : A near faultless two rounds of jumping gave Hekabo a well deserved win on her first outing of the new year.

December 16 / 17th Arena UK : 1.0m , 1.0m , 1.0m , 1.10m  ( All Amateur Championships Classes ). Although collecting 4 faults in each of theses four classes , Hekabo needed the 'run out' and by the final competition was showing her true jumping capabilities.

December 7th : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : Hekabo was up on the clock in the final jump off and going for the win , but she frustratingly refused at the final fence after a tight turn to put her into 7th from 23 starters.

November 15th : Solihull RC : BSJA Newcomers : A broken stirrup leather at the very first fence put paid to the horses chances.

November 12th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : This was Hekabo's second Newcomers competition. A very technical course which saw only 5 first round clears and only 2 double clears from 20 starters. Her first round12 faults put Hekabo down in the final placings.

November 12th : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : A Clear and 8faults saw Hekabo in 9th place in a competition on a very technical course which saw only 9 first round clears and only 5 double clears.

November 4th : Arena UK : BSJA 1.05m Open : Hekabo put in a near faultless display in her first round clear ,but lost the plot slightly in the jump off with 12 faults. As there were only 5 first round clears she still came home in 4th place and in the money from 20 starters.

October 29th : Cresswellshaw EC : BSJA Newcomers : In spite of her 12 faults , Hekabo made a satisfactory debut at this new height and gave us an insight as to her future training needs at this height.

October 14th : Field House EC : 1.05m Open : Just a slight lack of competition fitness possibly caused Hekabo to collect the last two fences in the jump off. She never the less ended a respectable 5th from 12 starters.

October 14th : Field House EC : 1m Amateur Championships ( 2nd round ) : Hekabo could not get into her stride before the first fence in a small arena. This was a pity as after the second attempt , she made light work of the course.

October 12th : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : A hoof infection has kept Hekabo sidelined , but in spite of still not being fully fit and with a change of rider , she returned to the arena with a double clear 5th place from 30 others.

September 18th & 19th : Arena UK : BSJA Graduate Grand Prix Qualifier.  A total of 255 contested just 30 places in the Graduate Grand Prix Final over 2 days. Regrettably the best Hekabo could achieve was 8 faults in the Friday competition.

August 27th : Moorgreen Agricultural Show : BSJA Discovery : On ground that was barely fit to hold a competition , we should have gone with our first instincts and not jump the horse. We were not surprised when Hekabo returned 12 faults in the first round.

August 22nd : Eland Lodge EC : BSJA 1.05m Open : In a class that saw no double clears , Hekabo's 4 faults was a satisfactory debut at this height.

August 19th . Hargate Arena : BSJA Discovery : A third place and a 4th double clear saw Hekabo book her place in the BSJA Discovery 2007 Regional Final.

July 28th. Weston Lawns : BSJA Discovery : Hekabo could not quite repeat her performance of yesterday , but her 4 faults in the jump off still earned her a respectable placing.

July 27th. Weston Lawns : BSJA Discovery : A fluent display of jumping saw Hekabo achieve her 3rd Discovery double clear today and a 3rd place from 43 starters.

July 23rd. Beech House Stud : BSJA Discovery : Following her performance in the previous Novice Class , she was put back up to Discovery and although collecting faults in the jump off , jumped fluently to give her 12th place from 24.

July 23rd. Beech House Stud : BSJA Novice : Hekabo was brought back today and dropped in height to give her a confidence boosting round. Although collecting 4 faults , her performance was back to how it should be!

July 22nd. Beech House Stud : BSJA Discovery : Whether her knocking down heavily a fence last week at Ashby AC had any affect but Hekabo jumped poorly today , not only collecting 12 faults in the first round but also her overall jumping performance.

July 16th.  Ashby AS : BSJA Discovery : Hekabo ballooned a fence and could not make the next fence to give her 4 faults and 18th from 36 starters.

July 13th. Western Lawns : BSJA / British Equestrian  1.0m Amateur Championships Qualifier. After a small reprimand after her refusal in the previous class , Hekabo came good being one of only two double clears to clinch 2nd place in a fast time hence qualifying for the regional final of this competition at her first attempt from 18 starters.

July 13th. Western Lawns : BSJA Discovery : A half hearted refusal in the first round relegated Hekabo to 19th from 26 starters.

July 5th. Eland Lodge : BSJA Discovery : Another competition which only saw 2 double clears from 17 starters , Hekabo taking the 2nd place rosette.

June 18th. Wales and West : BSJA Discovery :  Hekabo came up trumps today with a win from 29 starters. There were only 2 double clears and the second placed horse  was a gelding also by High Valley Z !

June 16th. Wales and West : 1.0m Amateur Championships :  One of those frustrating competitions with 20  to qualify from 61 and with Hekabo coming home in 21st place! hence just missing out for all her efforts.

June 7th . Hargate Arena : BSJA Novice : A nicely jumped double clear put her just one place outside of the money by 0.5 of a second , coming 9th from 50 starters.

June 4th. Kingswood EC : BSJA Discovery : Following her wake up call earlier Hekabo completed the first round in fine style. Although collecting jumping faults in the second round the lack of many double clears placed her 8th from 20

June 4th. Kingswood EC :  BSJA Novice : Hekabo refused a simple parallel at fence 3 . The jockey gave her a rare wake-up call and she then went on to complete the first round in fine style.

Wales and West Show , All Results :

May 14th : BSJA Discovery :  It was decided to put Hekabo into the higher Discovery class today and this appears to have had a positive affect with her recording a clear and four to put her into 12th place from 35 entrants and a much improved overall performance.

May 13th : BSJA Novice :  Another disappointing 4 faults in the first round relegated her to 33rd out of 45

May 12th : BSJA Novice :  Disappointingly Hekabo took a fence down in the first round to give her 31st from 43 starters.

 May 7th : Hargate Arena : BSJA Novice : Hekabo is now close to returning back to full fitness with a first round clear, but 2 errors in the jump off relegating her to 21st from 43 starters.

26th April : Hargate Arena : BSJA Novice :  A slip going into the 3rd fence brought 4 faults in the first round but the outing was useful in helping to bring Hekabo eventually back to full competition fitness.

22nd April : Kingswood EC : BSJA Novice : This was Hekabo's first outing since her lay off due to an abscess in her hoof. Her lack of competition fitness was partly responsible for 4 faults in the first round.

Markfield EC BSJA Novice & Discovery class results :

March 26th BSJA Discovery : In this class  today , Hekabo  slightly out jumped  her older half sister Hajla Z   ( who returned  4 faults in the first round ) .  Hekabo collected the second last fence in the jump off to bring her home in a creditable 10th position from 29 .

March 26th BSJA Novice : Hekabo never put a foot wrong to bring her home in 3rd. place from 35 starters with her half sister Hajla Z in 2nd. spot !  Incredibly this class only saw 3 double clears.


March 12th Rodbaston EC. BSJA Discovery : In a class that saw few clear rounds,  the 4 faults in the first round put her into 21st position form 29 starters.

March 12th Rodbaston EC . BSJA Novice :  A clear and 4 saw Hekabo in 9th place from 25.


Feb 18th. Valiants EC Preston : BSJA Novice : A very un-impressive performance this morning which resulted in 8 eight faults and a near bottom position from 26 starters.

Feb 17th. Valiants EC Preston : BSJA Novice : Hekabo cruised her way into the second position from 14 starters this evening in a very bold arena and against a very sharp course.

Arena UK  BSJA Novice class.

  February 5th   Another very good round putting Hekabo into the jump off  but an injury to the rider whilst warming Hekabo in the collecting ring forced a decision  not to compete her further and to end the weekend on a positive note.

  February 4th. A slight lack of concentration brought a pole down in the jump off round. She eventually ended in 9th position out of 32 which for only a second attempt at an affiliated course was very satisfying.

  February 3rd. This was Hekabo's first attempt at an affiliated course and she jumped it as if she had been jumping them for years! A very promising start to her BSJA career giving her 7th out of 27 starters.









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