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The Selle Francais warmblood is becoming ever more popular in the show jumping and eventing worlds It is one of the more modern warmblood breeds . The name Cheval de Selle Francais ( French Saddle Horse )  was first used in 1958 and the Selle Francais studbook  was started in 1965. The name was initially used to refer to half - bred warmblood sport horses that were not Anglo - Arabs.

The breed's evolution began in Normandy in the early 1700s , when Norman mares were crossed with English Thoroughbreds , English half - breds and the now defunct Norfolk Roadster.



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  These crosses produced three distinct types -- a draught animal , a riding horse and a fast harness horse -- that evolved into the French Trotter. It was the Anglo - Norman riding horse , influenced by Thoroughbred and Norfolk Roadster blood that was the forerunner for the modern Selle Francais.

French stock was seriously reduced during the world wars , but breeding continued under the influence of some notable Thoroughbred sires -- Orange Peel , Lord Frey , Ivanhoe , Ultimate and Furioso. The latter horse topped the sire list for 10 consecutive years , producing top show jumping horses.

The Selle Francaise has subsequently become renowned as a successful show jumping and eventing breed. It is now split into show jumping and racing types , the latter being slightly lighter in build. At the 2002 World Equestrian Games there were more Selle Francais horses competing than any other breed , winning five of the French team's seven medals.

The average Selle Francais stands at least 16hh and chestnut is the predominant breed colour although it can be of any colour. The breed generally has broad quarters and strong hocks hence making it suitable for jumping but conformation varies due to its diverse ancestry.

Equicors initiated the first studbook for Selle Francais horses in Britain in 2004 . It works closely with the French studbook and bases its grading on competition results.

Equicors may be found by visiting their web site :




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