Tooth Table of a Horse ( 5 - 8 yrs. )

Greenacres Stud


A 5 yr. old horse has a full mouth of permanent incisor teeth in wear      ( i.e. a 'permanent mouth' ) . The corner incisors however , occlude each other at their front ends only . The canine teeth ( tushes ) erupt between 4 and 5 years.









16. Central Permanent Incisor Tooth

17. Lateral Permanent Incisor Tooth

18. Corner Permanent Incisor Tooth





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At 6 yrs. in a well formed mouth , all the incisor teeth are in wear and the tables have worn level . All show a central infundibular depression or 'cup'



   1. Cup     2.  Mark    16.  Central Permanent Incisor Tooth

   17. Lateral Permanent Incisor Tooth    18. Corner Permanent 

                                                                                Incisor Tooth

   19.    7 yr. old Hook


From the age of 6 yrs. onwards , determination of age from the teeth must rely upon other factors such as the infundibulum , 'dental star' , tooth shape , angle of inclination etc. Each of these individually may be of little value , but when all are considered together , a reasonably accurate estimation is still possible up to the age of 12 years. From 12 onwards only an approximation can be given.

At 7 yrs. old the 'cup' in the central incisor table has grown out , being not as dark as the others. The 'mark' ( outline of enamel with a cement filling ) still remains for several years . A hook develops as an overhang at the back of the corner upper incisor due to its not fully meeting its fellow of the lower jaw. This 'seven year old hook' may be a useful character, but must be used with some caution since a further hook develops later in life.



                 1. Cup            2. Mark       9.  Dental Star



At 8 years of age  , the 'cup' has worn out from the lateral incisor but the ' mark ' still remains.  Between the 'mark' and the front of the tooth a dark yellow-brown line , the ' dental star ' ( secondary dentine on the now exposed pulp cavity ) makes its first appearance on the central incisors.

The seven year hook has practically worn away.

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