Stay Apparatus of the Horse ( Forelimbs )


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What is this ?



Horses have the ability to relax in the standing position with little fatigue due to a ' stay mechanism' present in both the fore - and hindlimbs . This apparatus consists of a series of muscles and ligaments that can 'lock' the main joints into position.







                         Forelimbs Hindlimbs




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1. Cervical Part of Rhomboid Muscle

2. Cervical Part of Ventral Serrate Muscle

3. Thoracic Part of Ventral Serrate Muscle

4. Supraspinatus Muscle

5. Biceps Brachii Muscle

6. Long Head of Triceps Muscle

7. Lateral Head of Triceps Muscle

8. Medial Head of Triceps Muscle

9. Lacertus Fibrosus

10. Radial Carpal Extensor Muscle

11. Conjoint Tendon of Radial Carpal Extensor Muscle & Lacertus Fibrosus

12. Superficial Digital Flexor Muscle

13. Tendon of Superficial Digital Flexor Muscle

14. Radial Check Ligament

15. Deep Digital Flexor Muscle

16. Tendon of Deep Digital Flexor Muscle

17. Carpal Check Ligament

18. Suspensory Ligament

19. Distal Sesamoidean Ligament

20. Tendon of Common Digital Extensor

21. Extensor Branch of Suspensory Ligament Attaching to Common Digital Extensor Tendon.


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