Selle Francais Stallion :   Fantastique

Greenacres Stud



Fantastique was the perfect example of a Selle Francais , also commonly known as a French Saddle Horse. He had the neat attractive head , set onto a long neck . His shoulders were sloping and a deep chest with a typical long and muscular body . Such a handsome chap !

His breeding value was highly reputed such that he appears in the pedigrees of many  'breeds' , far and wide.

He was what is termed as a real service stallion. The first concern of a breeder is the anchoring and succession at his stud. Fantastique is such a horse that fulfilled that need.







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  The more that it is appreciated that the mother-lines are equally important to a breeder as is the stallion's line, then this particular horse carried all the right credentials.

He had 20 years of good fertility , eventually dying in 1997 , as he advanced towards 1000 of his sons being listed in the Belgium Warmblood Stud Book.

Fantastique will undoubtedly be one of the foundation stallions of the future.



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