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   Hannoverian Stallion  Grannus


Stallion Grannus



With a current total of over five million DM , the offspring of this black Hanoverian stallion include seven Olympic horses and more than 60 approved stallions.

He had a spectacular end to his life when in full view of several thousand spectators at Klatte's 1993 Stallion Presentation in Vechta , the 21 year old suddenly fell to the ground after taking his last breath.

Grannus was the second foal of State Premium Mare , Odessa , who was sired by the Trakehner stallion Ozean . The mare had been purchased as a filly by Grannus's breeder Mr. Ludwig Decker in 1967.

At the age of two and a half , Grannus was sent to the approval in Verden and he was already a striking stallion with that certain ' special something ' .



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At 3 and a half years

      He was eventually sold to Westphalia and his name changed to 'Granit'. At some point after this sale , the stallion was then put up for sale again but this time as part of bankruptcy assets. The asking price was DM60,000 which was a lot of money in those days for a young stallion after just one season and as yet un-tested.

He was however bought by Heinrich Klatte and renamed Grannus as there was already a stallion called 'Granit' in Oldenberg. The stallion had already covered mares in Westphalia for a year under the name 'Granit' and so to avoid confusion , he has been listed with the German Riding Federation as 'Granit - Grannus'.

After his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf , Grannus did not make the required time on the race track. His jumping technique was also criticized. Grannus missed the 90 points necessary to become approved by a small margin. Klatte fought Oldenburgs 90 point pre - requisite in the courts. The judge ruled in his favour based upon a decision that a breeding area could not set their own standards above those stipulated by German breeding law. The stallion was therefore approved with a score of 86.46 points.


Grannus under Guido Klatte

In his first breeding season in Oldenburg in 1976 , Grannus covered a mere 30 mares. His first crop of foals were branded as ' much too small' and Grannus soon had the regrettable reputation of ' pony maker '

Klatte reacted by sending his stallion to jumping events. It didnt take long before Guido Klatte was saddling the stallion for championships ! Eventually there seemed to be no limit to what the stallion could jump. When he was eight years old , he won all three jumping competitions at the DLG and in 1982 he took third place at the German Championships for juniors in Bad Segeberg.


At 14 years

Now that Grannus was successful , breeders started to pay attention and signed up their mares for his service. Grannus often covered mares three times a day and even had to be picked up from shows to fulfil his duties and then return.

Grannus did not disappoint his breeders. His very first crop produced the Warendorf State Stud stallion Gunter as well as internationally successful jumpers Goby and Gigolo. His first really great jumper was the Oldenberg , Grand Slam , who won numerous prizes with Nick Skelton.

By 1990 Grannus became a millionaire for the first time , his offspring having won over a million DM. That rose to two million in 1992 , three million in 1996 and over four million and rising in 1998.



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