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 Part Trakehner Foal : Martells Florian

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Trakehner Foal Florian




Named after the mighty  Roman Emperor Florian , this part bred Trakehner    warmblood foal who was not exactly handsome when born , is now at 7 months old  starting to blossom.


Already  his size and power at this  early stage in his development ( approx   14 h.)  indicate that he has inherited a fair proportion of the Irish Draft blood to be found  in his Dam's pedigree , which is part of the reason why we have Moelfryn Fay as one of our broodmares. His stockier frame , mixed with Trakehner blood , will it is hoped ,  stand him in good stead for tackling " big tracks " later in his life.


Although born Bay , he has gone through a variety of colour changes but now it is very evident that he will become a Grey like his sire , stallion Sir Graditz.  He has a very trainable nature , learning very quickly . In spite of his large frame , he has beautiful paces , quite compact with a nice confirmation.


Called  'Rooney'  in the yard , he is currently having a general education but will go on to be professionally schooled  for show jumping competition like his sire.


              Video Slide show                                       




            Florian 2 hrs old



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9am , June 23rd. 2004 and just 2 hours old

          Florian 2 wks old      
                            Click on Thumb

                       Florian at 4 months old


At 2 weeks old , check out those knee joints. He is sure to be a big lad when fully grown !



The Video below shows Florian being trained to show jump May 2008 as a rising 4yr old.


At 4 months the first signs of him turning grey are beginning to show especially on the face and muzzle .




As a footnote , although most people  associate the name 'Rooney' with a current England footballer , the name is actually an old Celtic word meaning 'Champion'............. Well here's hoping !



        Martells  Florian           Reg No. TBFPB863/04  


               Born : 23 .6. 04
       Colour : Bay or Grey
           Breeder ; C.A.Mart

Sir Graditz (Trak)    09/01049/97


Inster Graditz : (Trak )  : 09/09068/87  Chestnut


    ES Susi V : 09/00334/80          Grey

  Sonja X1

Moelfryn Fay (AE)


 Zwingli (KWPN)   81.0660 AES       Bay

  Maximillian Saluut (Holst)
       Moelfryn Flo (TBX)   Rock of Cashel (IDX)
  Florida Girl xx