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Competition results and the progress of Chantal B will be posted here on a regular basis.

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13th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.15m  Grand Prix  Second Qualifying Round :  This competition saw the end of a poor show by this horse's standard as she frustratingly took the last fence of the jump off down to deny her a place in the Final. Chantal will be rested now after a long season.

13th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Ventura Grand Prix ( 1.20m ) Second Qualifying Round 8 faults in this second qualifier ended all hopes of Chantal progressing to the final.

11th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Ventura Grand Prix ( 1.20m ) First Qualifying Round :  A game effort at this height but her four faults signalled an early exit from this qualifying round.

10th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.15m  Grand Prix  First Qualifying Round :  Chantal was not at her best today as she took the first fence down due to lack of concentration.

29th August : Scope / BSJA National Show Jumping Championships : 1.15m Members Cup : Consolation Final :  On the better ground , Chantal stretched her legs to beat her nearest rival by over 2 seconds to record a 1st place double clear from 65 starters.

26th August : Scope / BSJA National Show Jumping Championships : 1.15m Members Cup 2nd Prelim Round :  On ground that was dubious in places , it was decided not to risk the horse's legs in going for a fast time. She completed the course double clear , but her 30th place from 120 starters was not enough for her to qualify for the final.

25th August : Scope / BSJA National Show Jumping Championships : 1.15m Members Cup 1st Prelim Round : 120 horses lined up chasing just 15 qualifying places for the Grand Final. In spite of a spirited performance , her clear and four did not put her high enough in the final placings.

21st August : Southview EC : Foxhunter : The horse was taken to this pre scope show to acclimatise her to jumping indoors again. Although slightly unsettled at first in the warm up area and returning four faults it was a satisfactory performance.

18th August :  Hargate Trophy Show : 1.10m Power and Speed :  Chantal put more winnings onto her card as she went around to a double clear 3rd place.

8th August :  Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  Lack of concentration and more interested in her surroundings than the job in hand brought her to a halt as the first fence suddenly appeared in front of her. Having remembered what she was there for , she then went around without any problems.

27th July :  Hargate 1.15m Members Cup :  Chantal made easy work with a good  double clear  placing from 30 others.

26th July :  Hargate 1.05m Open :  Entered purely as a schooling competition , her long stride brought her a 2nd place double clear from 20 starters.

24th July :  Weston Lawns 1.15m Open :  A good  double clear 7th place from 30 others.

19th July : Southview EC : Foxhunter Scope Qualifier :  Chantal refused twice at fence 4 and was subsequently eliminated. She was then returned to the ring HC and in spite of four faults completed the first round.

13th July : Southview EC : 1.20m Open :  The horse was taken around for a steady double clear and a final 15th from 40 starters.

12th July : Southview EC : HOYS Qualifier :  The horse refused at the first fence but was then put around the course without incurring any further penalties.

11th July : Southview EC : Newcomer Regional Final / Scope Masters :  The open water was the undoing of the horse ( as it was with a number of others ) and the subsequent involuntary dismounting of the rider incurred elimination,

9th July : Southview EC : HOYS Qualifier :  The strong course got the better of Chantal as she returned four faults.

9th July : Southview EC : 1.15m Members Cup :  Although completing the first round clear , unfortunately the horse did not go through the timer at the start of the second phase and was subsequently eliminated.

29th June : Weston Lawns : 1.15m Open A4 :  Chantal continued her good work today with a double clear money winning 5th place.

13th June :  East of England : Foxhunter :  A third place double clear today from 35 starters.

June 1st :  Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  Only 12 horses got through to the jump off from 40 starters and Chantal's 12 faults put her last in this jump off.

June 1st :  Weston Lawns 1.15m A4 :  A good opening day to the new season with a double clear 12th place from 50 others.

25th May :  Port Royale HOYS Qualifier :  This course was just a shade too much but Chantal still coped , returning with four faults.

18th May : Arena UK : 1. 20m Blue Ribbon :  Not the best of endings to a long weekend as Chantal was pulled up lame part way through the first round !

18th May : Arena UK : 1. 15m Members Cup :  Four faults in the first round ended the horse's interest in the competition.

17th May : College EC : HOYS Qualifier ( 1. 25m /1.30m )  :  A game effort from a horse not used to jumping these heights with just four faults in the first round.

8th May : Weston Lawns : 1.20m Foxhunter  : It was a four fault day for Chantal with another in the first round of this competition.

8th May : Weston Lawns : 1.15m Open  : Chantal could not repeat her performance of two days earlier with a four fault first round.

6th May : Weston Lawns : 1.15m Open : Another good display  this time saw a double clear 3rd place.

6th May : Weston Lawns : 1.10. Amateur Championship 1st Round Qualifier : A fluent double clear saw Chantal cruise into the winning spot.

20th April : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.15m Final :  Not a good performance with four faults in the first phase.

19th April : Welsh Masters Championships :1.15m 2nd Qualifier :  A second run round brought a thirteen place today with her double clear.

17th April : Welsh Masters Championships :1.15m 1st Qualifier :  A fifteenth place qualification through to the Final with a double clear.

11th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1.15m Final :  Not a good performance today with four faults in the first round.

10th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1.15m 1st Qualifier :  No problems with qualifying at first attempt in 15th place with a steady double clear.

10th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1.10m Open :  As a warm up Chantal was put around this lower height and recorded a clear and four.

30th March : Arena UK  :  Foxhunter : Slight controversy today as a number of greener horses refused a fence next to one that had a coat hung on the wing and in close proximity to the arena party. Luckily unlike one other rider , our rider was not injured when our horse also put in a stop at the fence. We felt we were certainly robbed of a first round clear , as the coat was eventually removed and caused no further problems to the competitors following.

29th March : Arena UK  :  Foxhunter : A very technical course got the better of the horse today as she returned twelve faults in the first round.

28th March : Arena UK  :  Foxhunter : The horse was moved up for her first attempt and put in a very encouraging performance with 4 faults in the first round.

22nd March : Field House  :  Newcomers : Yet another good double clear 3rd place today.

18th March : Field House  :  Newcomers : A good double clear 3rd place today from 35 others.

16th March : Field House  :  1.10m Amateur Qualifier : Another pleasing performance , this time a clear and four putting her just outside the qualifying places at 10th.

16th March : Field House  :  1.0m Amateur Championship Qualifier : Another ' run round' saw a double clear 15th from 50 others.

5th March : Solihull RC  :  1.05m :  The horse was ' run around ' this track to give the new rider a feel for the horse in competition. We were therefore pleased with the clear and four which put them into 8th from 35 starters.

Feb 3rd : Arena UK : Winter Novice Championship Qualifier : A competition which in spite of its name was anything but a Novice competition saw 145 horses line up for a 3 round competition starting at 1.10m in the first round. In spite of four faults we were not disappointed at the performance.

27th January  :  Field House  : Blue Chip 'Star' : Only 8 horses managed a double clear form 87 starters. Unfortunately , Chantal caught the last fence in the first round to end her chances.

January 15th 2008 : Field House EC : 1.05m Open : Chantal has now lost her regular rider . We were not disappointed with the 4 faults that she collected at the last fence today.

November 21st : Arena UK  : 1.10m .  Four faults in the first round again saw Chantal into a lowly position today.

November 18th : Arena UK  : 1.10m Blue Chip Qualifier. Four faults in the first round relegated Chantal down the order.

November 8th : Markfield EC : Newcomers : The horse put in two refusals at the water tray . She was then re-entered HC and successfully negotiated the course.

November 4th : Field House EC : 1.05m Open : The horse was dropped down in height to give her a slightly less challenge. She duly obliged with a 5th place from 30 starters.

November 3rd : Graceland EC : 1.10m Amateur Championships 2nd Round : The horse's first indoor outing of the year brought 2 refusals and an early exit.

September 15th : Arena UK Festival of Show Jumping : 1.10m Grand Prix FINAL : The top 40 horses lined up on this championship course ; Chantal put up a great display to go  clear in the first round. 17 Horses competed in a 1.20m high jump off and it was a very tired horse that did us proud with just 4 faults hence putting her into 15th place . This horse will now have four week well deserved rest !

September 15th : Arena UK Festival of Show Jumping : 1.10m Grand Prix Qualifier - 2nd session . A further 20 horses from a starting line up of 225 were accepted into the Final. Today Chantal QUALIFIED FINAL with an impressive 15th place money winning double clear. As a bonus this was her 4th Newcomers double clear to put her into the BSJA Newcomers 2008 regional final.

September 13th : Arena UK Festival of Show Jumping : 1.10m Grand Prix Qualifier - 1st session . Just 20 horses from a starting line up of 225 were accepted into the Final. Chantal was  just 3 places out today with a money winning 23rd.

August 21st  : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.05m  FINAL : Although putting up a game performance on this Championship course it wasn't to be, as Chantal took two polls down for 8 faults.

August 19th : Welsh Masters Meeting : 1.10m Newcomers : As preparation for the 1.05m final Chantal cruised to her second Newcomers double clear , taking 3rd spot from 35 starters.

August 17th : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.05m Semi Final - A double clear money winning performance saw Chantal  QUALIFIED FINAL .

August 13th : Weston Lawns : 1.05m Members Trophy : Although continuing her double clear run , Chantal was penalised with two time faults to put her down the order at 26th from 105 starters.

August 12th : Weston Lawns : 1.10m Newcomers : Chantal posted her first newcomers double clear with a 15th place from 60 others.

August 12th : Weston Lawns : 1.10m Amateur Championships Qualifier : Although not in the money , Chantal's 6 from 21 qualified her for the finals in November.

August 11th : Weston Lawns : 1.0m Amateur Championships Qualifier : A double clear and money for seventh place , but frustratingly one place outside of the last qualifying position.

July 29th : Hargate Arenas : 1.0m Open : An immediate drop down in height restored our confidence in this horse as she cruised to a double clear winning money position.

July 29th : Hargate Arenas : 1.05m Ken Beeston Final : A double refusal ended this horses chances at an early stage.

July 14th : Arena UK : 1.05m Scope Qualifier :  A double clear 6th place from 35 saw qualification in this competition.

July 14th : Arena UK : 1.0m Amateur Qualifiers : A double clear 8th place was not enough for qualification.

July 5th : Weston Lawns EC : BSJA Newcomers :  4 faults in the first round in a field that saw only 12 double clears from 78 starters.

July 5th : Weston Lawns EC : BSJA 1.05m Open : A nice steady double clear saw Chantal into 7th place from 80 starters.

June 27th Hargate Arenas : BSJA Newcomers ( 1.10m) : A nice clear first round was somewhat spoilt in the jump off due to an error whilst attempting a tight turn unsettling the horse for a total of 12 faults.

June 20th Hargate Arenas  :  BSJA 1.05m Open : A refusal at the first obstacle was made all the more frustrating as she then went round fault free.

June 20th. Hargate Arenas : BSJA 1.05m Open :  A nice double clear saw Chantal into 4th place from 20 starters.

June 14th. Wales and West : BSJA Newcomers ( 1.10m) : In appalling weather , Chantal acquitted herself well, her clear and four faults saw her into 27th from 72 starters.

June 13th. Wales and West : 1.0m Open : A slightly controversial start to the meeting when Chantal completed the first round at her usual pace but her error free round was deemed to be 3 seconds outside of the stipulated time allowed.

June 3rd Hargate Arena : BSJA 1.05m Open :  A good double clear saw Chantal into 5th position from 20 others and qualification to both the Welsh Masters and the Ken Beeston Championships.

June 2nd Hargate Arena : BSJA 1.05m Open : A clear plus eight faults saw Chantal into 12th position from 19 others.

May 20th. Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : 4 faults in the first round did not reflect the jumping capabilities of this horse.

May 19th. Arena UK : BSJA 1.05m Open : In spite of eight faults the horse jumped in a satisfactory manner.

May 7th. Leicester County Show : BSJA 1.05m : Not a bad day as her clear and 4 faults saw Chantal just outside of the money in 10th place from 40.

May 6th. Leicester County Show : BSJA Newcomers : There was a bit of doubt as to whether we should jump the horse as the course and going were stiff for a relatively young horse. We were pleased that the gamble paid off as her clear and four faults was enough to give her a 5th place.

May 2nd. Hargate Arenas : BSJA 1.05m 'Ken Beeston' Championships : Chantal qualified directly to the Final of this competition with yet another steady 5th place.

April 29th. Hargate Arenas : BSJA 1.0 m Amateur Championships 1st round : Chantal made light work of this competition as she steadily cruised into a 5th place qualifying place for the 2nd rounds later this year.

 April 22nd. Eland Lodge EC : BSJA Discovery : Chantal was given her debut today with Greenacres and duly obliged with a double clear 3rd place.