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News : Dignity


Competition news and the progress of Dignity ( Diggy ) will be posted here on a regular basis.

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18th January 2009 : Markfield EC : Discovery :  Continuing with Diggy's education she was again entered HC twice and recorded four faults at her first attempt and clear at the second.

15th January 2009 : Markfield EC : Discovery : Again entered HC and although again 'looking' at a couple of fences went around clear and jumped reasonably fluently . Fingers crossed !

15th January 2009 : Markfield EC : Novice : Again entered HC and although 'looking' at a couple of fences went around clear.

16th December : Field House EC : Novice : Again entered HC with four faults at the first attempt and then went around at second attempt.

10th December : Solihull RC :  Novice : Again entered HC but much to our surprise in spite of a stop and time faults giving a total of 20 in this 2 phase competition Diggy would have been placed 7 from 40 starters !

4th December : Markfield EC : Novice : Again entered HC she was put around three times with 2 refusals at the first attempt , then 4faults at the second attempt and then around clear at the third.

30th November : Markfield EC : Novice : The horse's indoor education was continued today with two rounds non competitive jumping , which brought a refusal at the first attempt but an encouraging clear round at the second attempt.

16th November : Markfield EC : BSJA Novice : This was possibly the first attempt at competition indoors and so was put into the Novice section and non competitive purely to acclimatise her to the indoor environment. In spite of a knock down in the first round , she ticked all the behaviour boxes and will now commence her indoor jumping education.

13th November : Diggy was taken for a private indoor training session today.

14th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Futura  Grand Prix : Final : 40 horses lined up for this final. It was all a bit too much for Diggy today in her first appearance inside a Championship Arena. She was unsettled from the word go and collected 8 faults in the first round. But with 2 championship rosettes and good money winnings to her name from this meeting , nobody was complaining !

12th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Futura  Grand Prix ( 1.0 m ) Second Qualifying Round :  Although already qualified for the final , it was decided to re-enter Diggy into the second qualifying round for experience and for the rider to practice some tight turns on her. The competition started in controversy as the judges and course builders decided to put certain fences up to 1.05m / 1.10m to cut down on the number of double clears thus cutting the competition duration ( which lasted 5 hours in the first qualifying round ) . After many complaints from owners and riders alike , the officials refused to lower the fences commenting that the ' Quality Horses' will get around. There were a larger than normal number of connections and spectators around the 3 sides of the arena as the competition got under way and after 8 horses it looked very much as if the owners/riders were right. However , Diggy ,  (as the 9th horse into the arena) showed the way with a very impressive first and fast  double clear of the competition to prove that  the officials were actually correct ! and the spectators all seemed to drift away afterwards. Diggy ended up in a very respectable 8th place from 126 starters.

11th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Futura  Grand Prix ( 1.0 m ) First Qualifying Round :  Fingers were crossed that Diggys 'acclimatisation stay' as a spectator at the Scope Festival would pay dividends at this equally intense championship meeting. No less than 175 horses lined up chasing just 20 qualifying places. Diggy duly obliged with a double clear 13th place !  As an additional bonus to her qualification into this final , this was her 4th Discovery double clear of the new season giving her entry into next years Regional Finals.

14th August 2008 : Weston Lawns : Discovery : Diggy was more settled with us today as she was gently schooled around for a nice double clear   4th place.

10th August 2008 : Weston Lawns : 1.0m Open : Diggy's first outing with us today and we were not in the least surprised that she refused twice at a fence. Being stabled in new surroundings ( to her ) with strange handlers and a strange rider coupled with the mayhem of 3 rings in operation etc etc. We immediately put her back into the competition HC and she soon settled to a more rhythmic  performance with a clear and four in the two phase round.