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                     Hajla qualifies for the Foxhunter ( 1.20m )  2008 Scope/ Easibed festival at first time of asking at this height  ........Hajla to line up in the 1.10m Amateur Final in December ............Hajla takes a 1.15m Open 1st and 2nd places. ...............Hajla wins the 1.10m Newcomers and follows up by winning the Blue Chip Star Championship qualifier......................Hajla qualifies in 3rd place for the 1.10m  Welsh Masters Championship Finals ..........Hajla collects her first and second  Newcomers win


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30th January 2009 : Addington Manor : Winter Grade C :  Hajla was pulled up after hitting 2 fences. We couldn't ask more from a horse that had jumped at heights that she had never jumped before just 8 days ago. She was far from disgraced on courses that had even the more experienced horses in difficulties.

30th January 2009 : Addington Manor : Small Grand Prix ( 1.25m /1.30m ) :  The horse became increasingly tired with eight faults.

29th January 2009 : Addington Manor : 1.30m Open :  The horse gave her all with a clear and twelve.

28th January 2009 : Addington Manor : Grade C Open :  Another bold effort but four faults.

28th January 2009 : Addington Manor : Blue Chip B & C Qualifier :  The horse was not disgraced in spite of eight faults.

22nd January 2009 : Markfield EC : 1.30m Open : It was decided to enter Hajla into this new height to give her something to think about and we must say how pleased we were with her clear and four 4th place at her first attempt.

22nd January 2009 : Markfield EC : Foxhunter :  A very ordinary 4 faults.

16th January 2009 : Southview EC : Foxhunter / Blue Ribbon Qualifier :  Hajla had an unfortunate rub behind of the second last fence which prevented her from progressing to a jump off course that would have suited her speed.

13th January 2009 : Field House EC : 1.25m Open :  To end the day , Hajla returned a pleasing joint 3rd place with a clear and four at this height.

13th January 2009 : Field House EC : Foxhunter :  Hajla obviously benefitted from her winter rest with a good 3rd place double clear.

11th January 2009 : Markfield EC : 1.10m Open :  Hajla was given a relatively easy competition for her return back and duly obliged with a money winning double clear 2nd place from 11.

Horse given Winter Break

14th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Ventura Grand Prix  FINAL :  30 horses lined up in this final which was jokingly nicknamed the Greenacres Final by the Judges as our 3 horses made up 10% of the finalists. The course was set with an opening height of 1.25m which proved just a bit much for Hajla with two fences down , but we were well compensated by our other two horses ( Voices Retto and Massai au Papas) gaining the 4th and 5th money winning spots respectively.

13th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Ventura Grand Prix ( 1.20m ) Second Prelim Round : Just 45minutes from securing her championship place in the 1.15m , Hajla joined 103 other horses chasing the final 15 places in this competition's final. Hajla pulled out all the stops to record a fast double clear 5th place to put her into the championship arena. As an added bonus this was her 4th Foxhunter double clear of the new season  putting her into next years Foxhunter Regional Finals in just a few attempts.

13th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting :  ( 1.15m ) Second Prelim Round : 175 horses lined up to chase the final 15places in the Championship Arena. Hajla made no mistakes with a fast double clear today to take the 13th qualifying place.

11th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : Ventura Grand Prix ( 1.20m ) First Prelim Round : 95 horses lined up this time chasing the 15 qualifying places. Hajla's clear and eight put her into a mid table position.

10th September : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : (1.15m ) First Prelim Round : 150 horses lined up chasing just 15 qualifying places. Hajla's clear and four was not quite enough to make the final cut.

27th August : Scope / BSJA National Show Jumping Championships : Classic Blue Ribbon ( 1.20m ) Prelim Round : The ground was so bad that there was no way we were going to jeopardise the hard work that we had put into the horse's revised education. Hajla was therefore not entered.

24th August : Scope / BSJA National Show Jumping Championships : Classic Blue Ribbon ( 1.20m ) Prelim Round : 187 horses lined up chasing just 15 qualifying places for the Grand Final. This was the biggest test of the horse's career to date. Although along with many other more experienced horses Hajla stopped at fence 2 which was facing directly into a spectator's gallery and next to the illuminated and revolving water wheel she completed the first round without ever looking to bring down a fence. Our day was made complete when two former international riders independently commented upon the improvement they had seen in the horse's jumping technique over the past few weeks since we introduced a new training regime for  her.

17th August : Hargate Arenas : Foxhunter :  Back to a more than satisfactory performance with her 4th Foxhunter /1. 25m  double clear   2nd place in just a few outings.

8th August : Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  A satisfactory return to competition today with a 9th place clear and four.

20th July : Hajla was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection which may have been present for a number of weeks.

19th July : Southview EC : Foxhunter / Scope Qualifier :  From the ground the horse seemed to be showing discomfort over the first three fences. Hajla then double refused the fourth fence from a long way out ( first time the horse has ever double refused ) . She will be visiting our Veterinary Surgeon upon returning home.

13th July : Southview EC : 1.20m Open :  The horse ended on a higher note with a double clear 7th place from 40 starters.

12th July : Southview EC : Foxhunter :  Another below par performance brought another eight faults.

11th July : Southview EC : 1.20m Open :  A below par performance resulted in eight faults.

9th July : Southview EC : HOYS Qualifier :  The strong course got the better of Hajla as she returned twelve faults.

29th June : Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  A step backwards today as Hajla's eight faults was the best she could do today.

21st June :  Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  Another fluent double clear saw Hajla into 6th place from 30 others.

21st June :  Weston Lawns : 1.15m Members Cup :  A clear and four in a fast time put the horse just two places outside of qualifying in 6th from 20 starters.

19th June :  Weston Lawns : Foxhunter :  A good double clear 5th place today .

14th June :  East of England : B & C Handicap :  Four faults in the first round ended this horse's progress in the competition.

13th June :  East of England : B & C Handicap :  Eight faults in the first round ended this horse's progress in the competition.

25th May :  Port Royale : HOYS Qualifier :  Twelve faults in the first round ended this horse's progress.

18th May : Arena UK : 1.20m Blue Ribbon :  A disappointing but under the circumstances not surprising end to the weekend with twelve faults in the first round.

18th May : Arena UK : 1. 15m Members Cup :  Four faults in the first round put paid to the horse's chances of qualifying.

17th May : College EC : HOYS Qualifier ( 1. 25 / 1 . 30m ) :  Not the best of starts to the weekend as we were forced to put a rider on board who had barely ridden the horse previously. Two fences down in the first round was as good as it got.

8th May : Weston Lawns : 1. 20m Foxhunter  :  A fluent double clear saw Hajla into her highest Foxhunter position with a second place from fifteen others.

6th May : Weston Lawns : B & C Scope Qualifier ( 1. 25m 1st Round ) Not against the clock :  Four faults in the first round halted Hajla's progress in the competition.

18th April : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.20m Foxhunter Final :  The slightest touch of a brick off the top of the wall was enough to see the end of Hajla's progression in this competition. 

17th April : Welsh Masters Championships :1.20m Foxhunter 2nd Qualifier :  A clear and four was enough to see Hajla through to the Final

16th April : Welsh Masters Championships :1.20m Foxhunter 1st Qualifier :  A disappointing eight faults meant an early return to the stables.

11th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1.15m 2nd Qualifier :  Another clear and four this time saw the horse frustratingly just one place out of the qualifiers.

10th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1. 15m 1st Qualifier :  A clear and four saw Hajla into 17th from 80 starters but was 2 places out of the qualifiers for the final.

9th April : Blue Chip Championships : 1.20m Open :  A good double clear put Hajla into 6th place from 87 starters.

29th and 30th March : Arena UK  :  Foxhunter : Hajla was not at her best over these two days with four faults in the first round on each day.

18th March : Field House  :  Foxhunter : A small error in the jump off put her just outside of the money in 8th from 25 starters.

19th Feb : Field House  :  1.25m Open : Due to the manner in which the horse performed in the previous class , we had no hesitation in jumping her at the highest level  she ever been required to jump. Again her 4 faults did not truly reflect her jumping capabilities today.

19th Feb : Field House  :  Foxhunter : The four faults in the first round did not reflect the horse's scope over this height .

10th Feb : Field House : 1. 20m Scope Qualifier : No problems this time as Hajla booked her place in this competition finals with a fourth place and last qualifying spot with a fast double clear.

10th Feb : Field House : 1.15m Scope Qualifier : Hajla failed by just one place to secure a place in this competition final with a convincing double clear fifth.

2nd Feb : Arena UK : Foxhunter 1.20m : Not the best of days with 4 faults putting her well down the order.

1st Feb : Arena UK : Foxhunter 1.20m : Hajla was going flat out in the jump off trying to secure a win and did end up the fastest horse on the day . Regrettably she took 3 poles down in the process to put her into 9th position.

27th January  :  Field House  : Blue Chip 'Star' : Only 8 horses from 87 managed a double clear today and so clear and four faults in a fast time saw Hajla into the money at 13th position.

16th January  :  Solihull RC : 1.20m Open : In spite of four faults in the jump off , Hajla's progress at this height was very pleasing , giving her 5th place.

10th January  :  Solihull RC : 1.20m Open : A confident double clear saw Hajla into 7th place from 25 starters today.

7th January 2008 : Markfield EC : BSJA Foxhunter( 1. 20m ) . Not the best of starts for 2008 as 8 faults in the 1st round saw Hajla in the wooden spoon position today.

23rd December : Markfield EC : BSJA 1.10 Blue Chip Qualifier. An uncharacteristic error from both horse and rider saw elimination part way through the 1st round.

1st December : Arena UK Amateur Championships : 1.10m Qualifier FINAL : A clear plus 4 faults saw Hajla into a creditable 11th place.

29th November : Arena UK Amateur Championships : 1.10m Qualifier 1st session : A confident double clear saw horse and rider into the final with an 8th place from 85 starters.

November 14th :  Solihull RC : 1.20m Open : 4 faults in the 1st round put Hajla into 4th place from 8 starters.

November 3rd : Graceland EC : 1.10m Amateur Championships 2nd Round : A double clear 5th place today will see Hajla lining up in the championship final in December.

October 30th :  Solihull RC : 1.10m Blue Chip Championships 1st Round : Well up on the clock the rider was going for the win when Hajla clipped the second last fence. Hajla ended up 2 places outside of the qualifying places in 12th.

September 16th Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting  : 1.10m  Grand Prix FINAL ( Table A4) : This was a direct entry final with 110 starters. It was a last minute decision to enter Hajla but we felt that both Horse and Rider deserved a chance of going away with something ! Another Greenacres Horse was drawn early and went around double clear in this speed class in 61 seconds. We had to watch as the times got faster and faster knocking our horse off the leader board. Hajla was drawn 100th to go chasing a leading time of a mere 52 seconds. With her foot hard down on the accelerator pedal the rider steered Hajla to a time of 52.35 seconds to clinch second place and to gain her largest prize money yet.! Hajla will take a well deserved rest now before starting the indoor season.

September 15th Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting  : 1.20m Major Grand Prix Qualifier 2nd Session : Hajla came back for a second attempt to get into the top 15 from 130 starters. Just like yesterday Hajla jumped her heart out . Her clear in the first round put her on course for qualification before the final double in the jump off proved too much for her.

September 14th Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting  : 1.20m Major Grand Prix Qualifier 1st Session : Hajla was entered into this competition for experience only as we did not have a realistic chance of making the final against older more experienced horses. In spite of that Hajla put up a brilliant display chasing a qualifying place with a first round clear and just tipping the top pole of the second last fence in the jump off !

August 31st : BSJA Scope Festival : 1.15m CONSOLATION FINAL :  On the same grass arena as three days earlier , Hajla put up another willing performance , this time going clear and eight to put her into the top 30 from over 200 starters.

August 28th : BSJA Scope Festival : 1.15m Qualifier 2nd Session : On a grass surface that was beginning to get very slippy with earlier rain, our hearts went into our mouths as Hajla slipped and 'sat down'. We were just relieved that both horse and rider got up unscathed. This unfortunate event  relegated  Hajla into the CONSOLATION FINAL .

August 27th : BSJA Scope Festival : 1.15m Qualifier 1st Session : Although Hajla had also qualified for the Scope 1.20m championships it was decided to keep Hajla at this height to give her a realistic chance. With only 15 horses going through to the final from 200 starters speed was of the essence. Hajla was in a winning place on the clock when she hit the last fence in the jump off to deny her qualification.

August 21st : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.15m Final The technical championship course was too much for Hajla as she repeated yesterdays performance of 12 faults in the first round.

August 20th : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.10m Final : Many people were predicting that Hajla would be one of the favourites to take the honours in this class. That was the kiss of death as she struggled in this final with 12 faults in the first round.

August 18th : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.15m Qualifier 1st Session : A clear and four faults was enough to see Hajla in the top 15 from 60 starters to QUALIFY FINAL

August 17th : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.10m Qualifier 1st Session : The decision to rest Hajla paid dividends as she stormed back with a convincing WIN to QUALIFY FINAL.

July 29th : Hargate Arenas : 1.20m : It was a very tired horse that knocked 3 fences in the first round. As a precaution Hajla will be rested until the Welsh Masters Championships in August.

July 14th : Arena UK : BSJA 1.20m  : Only a small field of 11 horses contested this class . Only 4 horses made it to the jump off and so Hajla's eventual eight faults in the jump off still secured her some prize money.

July 5th : Weston Lawns EC : BSJA 1.15m to Table A4 : This was Hajla first attempt at a speed class. Although missing out by one place in 9th position from 48 starters we were more than satisfied with her 66 seconds double clear in yet again appalling weather conditions that have plagued the UK for the last 4 weeks.

June 27th Hargate Arenas : BSJA  Foxhunter ( 1.20m ) : Hajla now has no trouble getting round 1.20m as she again went clear in the first round. Her  (eight ) faults in the jump off ( 1.25m ) will improve with practice as she has all the scope to clear this height.

June 27th Hargate Arenas : BSJA 1.15m Open : Hajla returned to form today as she recorded a double clear 2nd place , just being beaten by less than a second on the clock.

June 14th. Wales and West : BSJA 1.15m Open : We dropped Hajla down to 1.15m due to the continuing bad ground conditions due to torrential overnight rain. Hajla collected an uncharacteristic 8 faults in the first round. As a result of a near accident on the next day ( the 15th ) with Greenacres Touch of Dance , the Greenacres Team took no further part in this meeting and we returned home two days early.

June 13th. Wales and West : BSJA Foxhunter ( 1.20m ) :  In appalling ground conditions due to the severe rain , we were satisfied that Hajla was one of only 17 horses from over 70 starters to make the jump off irrespective of the eight faults that she collected in the final round.

June 6th Hargate Arenas : BSJA 1.15 m Open : As  preparation for the forthcoming  5 day meeting at Wales and West , Hajla was entered into this competition as a warm up and duly won the class.

May19th /20th Arena UK : BSJA 1.20m  Foxhunter : This will be the height that Hajla will be jumping for the foreseeable future. Her clear plus eight faults on the first day was enough to qualify her yet again for the Welsh Masters Championships. On day two , Hajla took the first two poles down but went on to complete an otherwise impressive round. Her rider reports that her aim is to bring the horse to a level where she is jumping 1.30m by Christmas 2007. On this performance it looks well within Hajla's capabilities.

May 7th. Leicester County Show : 1.20m Foxhunter Qualifier for the Welsh Masters and the BSJA Scope Festival of Show Jumping : Another dual qualification competition with another testing course. Only three horses including Hajla made the jump off and in spite of eight faults Hajla took the 3rd qualifying spot from a large field. Hajla is still relatively inexperienced at this height and we look forward to the finals later in the year when she has more kilometres on her clock. This capped a very good show with the other Greenacres horses also bringing home the awards which culminated in 'Greenacres Touch of Dance' winning the Toyota 1.10m Ride and Drive competition.

May 7th. Leicester County Show : 1.05m Open Qualifier for the Welsh Masters : Hajla put in a very uncharacteristic stop at a fence to ruin her chances.

May 6th. Leicester County Show : 1.15m Open Qualifier for the Welsh Masters and the BSJA Scope Festival of Show Jumping : This was a dual qualification competition and the course was set accordingly. Only one horse completed a double clear round and Hajla qualified in 2nd place with a clear and the fastest four faults. Needless to say , we were delighted.

April 22nd Eland Lodge EC : Newcomers ( 1.10m ) Hajla was schooled around this 1.10m course to just keep her fit , but still managed to return a 2nd place !

April 16th and 17th. Solihull RC : Blue Chip 'Star' Championships. Fifty qualifying horses from over 1000 original entrants jumped in two competitions over two days. Points were awarded based upon the horse's placing on each day. The top twenty horses went through to the eventual Grand Final. Hajla returned a total of 20 points just missing out by four points and ended up in 24th place. This was good experience for both horse and  rider and we went away with the satisfaction of knowing that we were beaten by more experienced Grade A and B horses and that our relatively inexperienced Grade C horse had more than demonstrated her future potential at this advanced level. Click For Picture.

April 12th : Weston Lawns EC : Newcomers 1.10m and Foxhunter 1.20m. These competitions were used as a 'tune up' of Hajla and her regular rider before their Blue Chip Championships debut on the 16th.April. They duly obliged with a money winning 6th place in the Newcomers and returned a very pleasing 2nd place in the Foxhunter.

March 29th : Addington Manor : Derby House Royal International Horse Show Qualifier. This was a 3 round competition with the rounds set at 1.10m : 1.15m and the final round at 1.20m against the clock. 184 horses started with just 23 eventually getting through to the third round jump off ! We were forced to change rider, as Hajla's regular rider had suffered a shoulder injury in training three days earlier. This was only the third time that our second rider had sat on Hajla's back. All was going well in the first round when for no reason the judge's siren sounded just as Hajla was about to jump an oxer. The rider thought he had taken the wrong course and he pulled Hajla up which unsettled the horse. The judge apologised for the siren being sounded in error and asked Hajla to re commence. The damage had evidently been done as Hajla then took all the remaining fences down. The team at Greenacres were obviously unhappy and so lodged an immediate appeal with the officials. Hajla was therefore allowed to re take the first round which she completed with ease. She missed out on going into the third round jump off by taking  the very last set of planks down in the second round. Taking everything into consideration the day ended reasonably satisfactory and we are now focusing upon the Blue Chip Star Final in a couple of weeks time.

March 8th : Hajla has a write up in Horse and Hound Magazine :  Click Here

March 3rd : Solihull RC : BSJA Foxhunter ( 1.20m with a 1.25m Jump off ) : This was Hajla's biggest challenge to date. She completed the first round effortlessly and whilst knocking one pole in the jump off , we were delighted with her performance , with her coming home in a fast time and putting her into 8th position from 22 starters.        

March 3rd : Solihull RC : BSJA 1.10m Newcomers : Hajla was unfortunate to catch a fence in the first round but her jumping was very fluent . We therefore decided to put her into the next class.

February 22nd : Markfield : BSJA Newcomers : Following a near perfect first round clear , a rare mistake of taking the wrong course cost Hajla a high final placing.

February 18th : Arena UK : BSJA Blue Chip Star Championship Qualifier : Hajla carried on where she left off earlier in the day when she won this competition from 60 starters. Her win was not without a heart stopping moment when turning a sharp corner at speed in the jump off, The rider nearly parted company with the horse. How the rider managed to get back into the saddle at such speed only she and Hajla will know as they jumped the final two fences to victory with only one stirrup !

February 18th : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : Hajla showed quality jumping today as she cruised to her win from 45 starters.

February 11th : Markfield EC : BSJA 1.10m Welsh Masters Qualifier.  In a class which saw only 4 horses through to the jump off , Hajla just caught a poll when going for the win. Her fastest four faults guaranteed her a 3rd place and qualification to the Wales Masters Championship Final later this year.

February 4th : Arena UK : BSJA / Derby House Championship Qualifier : In a competition over three rounds starting at 1.10m and ending at 1.30m , Hajla was one of only 25 horses from 92 starters to progress to the second round jump off set at 1.20m. She put in a storming round to finish as the fastest horse but just caught one fence. We were however more than happy with her 8th position collecting her rosette in front of a large audience.

February 3rd : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : With 22 starters Hajla jumped effortlessly into the jump off which saw half of the finalists jump and only one go double clear with Hajla to jump last. We were told by the rider that she thought that Hajla was not 100% sound following the first round . We therefore withdrew her from the jump off  as a precautionary measure.

February 3rd : Arena UK : BSJA 1.05 Open : Another great performance by Hajla coming in 2nd from 36 starters.

February 2nd : Arena UK : BSJA Newcomers : Tiredness from travelling and her exertions from the previous class probably took its toll as Hajla rolled two polls in the first round.

February 2nd : Arena UK : BSJA 1.05 Open : The Greenacres team got off to a very good start today when Hajla Z took the honours in this class, with her half sister Hekabo Z in third place and yet another Greenacres horse ' Touch of Dance ' in fifth place.

January 28th : Solihull RC : BSJA , BEIB Star Qualifier ( 1.10m ) : In an ' Open ' competition that saw Hajla up against older and more experienced Grade A & B horses , we were more than happy with her fast four faults in the jump off . With 19 money awards , Hajla just missed out by finishing as fastest four faults and in 23rd position from 94 starters.

January 28th : Solihull RC : BSJA 1.05m Open : Following a fluent first round , she started her jump off at speed but could not get around the tightest of turns to fence two and was disqualified for 'taking a wrong course' . She still managed a reasonably respectable finishing position of 19th from 55 starters.

January 24th : Solihull RC : BSJA Newcomers : Not the best of days for Hajla as she clipped a fence in the first round of this competition.

January 21st 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : A mistake at the first fence of the jump off robbed Hajla of a second place being only one second behind the eventual winner . Her fastest four faults put her into 7th from 36 starters to just squeeze her into the the money. Nice to see the horse and rider back on form after the Christmas break......... Happy Birthday Hajla you have been jumping affiliated for One year today.

January 14th 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Hajla was given a very rare reminder when she refused the first fence for no apparent reason. Her wake up call did her no harm as she was circled and went on to jump the whole of a very stiff course with ease.

January 11th 2007 : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers :  Not the best of days with 8 faults in the first round putting Hajla well down the order.

December 16 / 17th 2006 :  Arena UK : BSJA 1.05m. Open : 1.10m. & 1.20m.Amateur Championships : This dependable horse came up trumps again winning the 1.05m Open class. Although collecting four faults in the second competition , she jumped so well that it was decided to put her up in height for her first attempt at 1.20m and although collecting four faults demonstrated that even at this height she has more to offer.

December 7th : Markfield EC : BSJA 1.15m Open : As Hajla was jumping well , it was decided to move her up in height and although catching two fences she adapted to the height with ease.

December 7th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Hajla jumped well enough but clipped a fence in the first round to put her down the order.

November 26th : Field House EC : BSJA Newcomers :  Hajla took her first Newcomers win today. The only disappointment of the day was that now she has recorded a win , second , fifth and a seventh place in just five outings at this height , the Foxhunter class was cancelled due to lack of numbers.  

November 19th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Clear and 4 faults gave Hajla 7th place from 20 starters.

November 15th : Solihull RC : BSJA Newcomers : With only 4 double clears from 20 starters , Hajla came in a very pleasing 1st place as the fastest 4 faults in the jump off.

November 15th : Solihull RC : BSJA 1.0m Open : Hajla was dropped down to give her regular rider a practice round after her enforced layoff with illness. In spite of 4 faults in the first round , the combination did not take long to get back into gear.

November 12th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : 4 faults in the first round put Hajla into 8 th position from 20 starters in a competition that saw only 5 first round clears and only 2 double clears.

November 2nd : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Following her Discovery performance , Hajla was put back up to Newcomers and scored with her first double clear at this height and a 2nd place rosette from 17 starters.

November 2nd : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : It transpires that Hajla was jumping on October 15th with a slight virus. Now fully recovered , she was dropped down to this Discovery class but still duly obliged with a 4th place from 16 starters.

October 15th : Markfield EC : Blue Chip Power Qualifier : In reality we knew we were going to be lucky to qualify against 42 other horses and riders who have had more mileage at this 1.10 / 1,15m height. We were slightly disappointed however that after ballooning fences one and two , her chances came to an early end when Hajla refused twice at the first part of the double ( fence three ) and was therefore eliminated.

October 11th : Solihull EC : BSJA Newcomers : Although collecting 4 faults in the first round , Hajla is becoming more accustomed to jumping this height and completed the course with relative ease.

October 7th : Markfield EC : BSJA Newcomers : Hajla was put into this competition after 6 days of rest and fresh legs. We were more than satisfied with her performance at this new height as she went first round clear and an unlucky 4 faults in the jump off to give her 9th from 24 starters.

October 1st : Field House BSJA  Newcomers : We deliberately chose this tightly packed arena to introduce Hajla to this new height. Although she ended with 12 faults we were more than satisfied with her overall performance over the course.

October 1st : Field House BSJA  / British Equestrian 1.0m Amateur Championship. Hajla led the field for a large part of the competition before eventually ending in 4th place from 26 starters. Only the 6 eventual qualifiers managed a double clear on a tightly packed 14 fence two phase competition in a tight indoor arena.

September 20th : Arena UK : BSJA Novice Grand Prix : Hajla ended the day on the highest note of her career to date with Greenacres, completing a double clear in a fast time (on a 1.10m jump off course ) to land her a 5th place prize from 87 starters.

September 18th , 19th and 20th : Arena UK : BSJA Graduate Major Grand Prix :  Hajla booked her place into the Grand Prix Final with a double clear 9th position on Saturday. She did not excel in the final itself but we were proud that we had gained a starting position in a prestigious competition that saw just 30 finalists from 255 starters.

September 5th : Eland Lodge Equestrian : BSJA 1.05m open : In failing light Hajla can be forgiven for her 4 faults when only seeing the fence at the last minute.

August 27th : Moorgreen Agricultural Show : BSJA 1.05m open : On ground that was barely fit to hold a competition , we should have gone with our first instincts and not jump the horse. We were not surprised when Hajla returned 8 faults in the first round.

August 22nd : Eland Lodge EC : BSJA 1.05m Open : To finish the evening , Hajla was put into this class that saw no double clears and so her 4 faults was an acceptable end to the day.

August 22nd : Eland Lodge EC : BSJA Discovery : Hajla completed her 4th Discovery double clear tonight in style to win the class and book her place in the 2007 Discovery Regional Final

July 28th : Weston Lawns : BSJA Discovery : Today saw Hajla complete her third Discovery double clear to bring her home in 2nd place from 19.

July 27th : Weston Lawns : BSJA Discovery : 4 faults at the second last fence in the jump off  robbed Hajla of any prize money in spite of a quick time.

July 22nd : Beech House Stud : BSJA 1.05m / Welsh Masters Qualifier : In this  'Open' competition , Hajla was up against more experienced and older horses. We were naturally delighted when she qualified in 6th place for this prestigious final. This was the best that both horse and rider had jumped since joining Greenacres 

July 22nd : Beech House Stud : BSJA Discovery : In a class that Greenacres Stud sponsored , Hajla again got into the places effortlessly with a 4th from 22 starters in yet another competition that only saw a handful of horses through the first phase.

July 16th : Ashby AS  : BSJA Discovery : 36 horses started with only 7 managing to get into the final jump off . Hajla was up against quality horses today which were ridden by some accomplished riders. We were more than happy with her final 6th place in a very tough competition.

9th July : Bosworth Agricultural Show : BSJA Novice REGIONAL FINAL

More than 100 horses had qualified for this final . The starting height was 1.05 and a height which saw only 35 horses clear into the second round. Therefore even though Hajla collected 4 faults caused by 'over jumping' the previous fence on a testing course ,we were very proud of her performance over the round. With the fences going up to 1.10 and the final round surprisingly being set at Foxhunter Height ( 1.20m ) it would it turned out , have been a step too far for a horse that only started to jump affiliated competitions at the end of January this year.

1st July : Kingswood EC : BSJA Discovery : Hajla had difficulty jumping upon a rubber surface. Her 8 faults in the first round put her in a lowly position from 29 starters.

26th June : Derby County Show : Ken Beeston 1.05m Championship Qualifier.  A well jumped double clear saw Hajla qualify in 4th place from a field of 56.

15th June : Wales and West : BSJA Newcomers.  Hajla coped well on her debut to this new height in spite of her 8 faults which she collected early on in the course.

10th June : Beaver Hall EC : BSJA 1.05m Scope Festival of Show Jumping Qualifier.    Whether Hajla thought that her jumping was complete at 3 out from the finish we will never know , but she only made a last minute effort to lift over the rustic fence. Up to that point and the fences after , she never looked like rolling a poll. It was even more frustrating to learn that there were only 3 double clears. With 4 to qualify , we felt that we had missed a golden opportunity .  O well : C'est la vie.

7th June : Hargate Arena : BSJA Discovery : An uncharacteristic 4 faults in the first round relegated Hajla to a lowly 15th from 21.

4th June : Kingswood EC : BSJA Discovery : A nicely jumped double clear put Hajla into the money taking the 4th spot ahead of 16 others

 Wales and West Show , All Results :

14th May : 1.05m Amateur Open Championship Qualifier.   It was decided to save Hajla's legs and not jump her first in the Discovery competition. This competition was the final one of the day and the rest paid dividends. In a field that was again littered with higher graded horses, Hajla refused one fence in the jump off which came up very sharply , but with just 6 double clears Hajla's fast four faults has put her directly into the September finals and rounded off a good 3 days of jumping.

13th May : 1.05m Amateur Open Championship Qualifier.  This was one of Hajla's most severe tests since coming to Greenacres where she had to compete against higher graded horses. It was not the one fence that she collected in the jump off , but her slower time that caused her to just miss out on qualifying straight to the final in September.

13th May : BSJA Discovery :   A far more controlled performance saw Hajla return to form with a good double clear placing her 5th from 38 and again in the money.

12th May : BSJA Discovery :  Hajla was very much on her toes today collecting a fence in the first round to place her down in 24th position from 33.

7th May : Scope 1.05/1.10m qualifier ( 4 to qualify ) at Hargate Arena : 63 initial entrants saw a total of just 8 double clears with Hajla filling the 8th spot. Heavy rain mid way through the jump off saw our horse and others in the later part of the draw disadvantaged by the progressively deteriorating grass surface. It was decided not to take risks with tight turns , but her time ,( although missing out on scope qualification ) was still good enough to put her into the money at her first attempt at jumping 1.10m

30th April : Leicestershire County Show : BSJA Discovey : This class saw 70 entrants . Hajla was one of only 7 horses that managed to record double clears on this testing course to bring her home in 4th position with her 3rd double clear now on the trot. These winnings have put her above the £100 BSJA winnings mark in just 13 weeks of affiliated jumping.

30th April : Leicestershire County Show : BSJA Novice : In a 53 strong class that saw only five double clears , Hajla made relatively light work of a heavy going , slippery and  undulating course to record a well earned 2nd place in spite of badly slipping in front of one fence on two occasions !

22nd April : Kingswood EC : BSJA Discovery : Today Hajla came good  , recording her first double clear at this height  and her 7th place from 35 putting her into the money.

16th April : Hargate Arena : BSJA Discovery  : In a competition that saw only 10 entrants , Hajla's first outing of the season on grass brought 4 faults and a joint 6th position.   


Arena UK : All results :

9th April ; BSJA Discovery : Hajla impressed with a good clear in the first round but could not maintain the fluency in the jump off , resulting in one of her less than impressive performances with 20 faults and placing her 14th from 33 , but there were no complaints after a very successful weekend.

9th April : BSJA Novice : Hajla jumped her third consecutive double clear in 3 competitions to gain a 6th place again from 48.

8th April : Rest day due to high winds .

7th April : BSJA  1m. Amateur Championship Qualifier :  Hajla was only put into this class following her earlier good display to help assess her progress when competing against the more experienced Grade A and B horses. We were naturally delighted when she completed her second consecutive double clear of the day and even more delighted when she took the 6th and final qualification place from some notable contestants in the 50 strong field.

7th April : BSJA Novice : Another very fluent display from both horse and rider and in windy conditions saw Hajla's first money of the weekend with her first double clear of the weekend. ( 6th place from 35 entrants ) and a competition that  saw only 7 double clears in total.

2nd April ,  Weston Lawns EC  BSJA Novice :  Rider Kathy Morgan retired Hajla after just 4 fences due to severe winds and rain sweeping the outdoor arena.

Markfield EC BSJA Novice & Discovery class results :

March 26th BSJA Discovery : In this class  today , Hajla was slightly out jumped by her younger half sister Hekabo Z  ( who returned a clear and 4) .  Hajla collected a fence in the first round to bring her home in 21st position from 29 .

March 26th BSJA Novice : Hajla never put a foot wrong to bring her home in 2nd place from 35 starters with her half sister Hekabo Z in 3rd !  Incredibly this class only saw 3 double clears and gave Hajla her ticket into the Novice regional finals which are  staged later this year.


March 12th Rodbaston EC. BSJA Discovery : In a class that saw few clear rounds, we were pleased with the clear and 4 to put her into 8th position form 29 starters.

March 12th Rodbaston EC . BSJA Novice :  A very nice double clear round saw Hajla in 6th place from 25.

Arena UK BSJA Novice & Discovery Class results :

March 6th BSJA Discovery . On a less technical course than the previous class, we decided to give Hajla her first attempt at the Discovery height. Although rolling an upright which on paper should not have caused her any problems , her overall performance at this height was very encouraging and she returned in 11th place out of 33 starters.

March 6th BSJA Novice . On one of the most technically demanding courses we at Greenacres have encountered for many years we decided to compete Hajla in spite of 7 horses being withdrawn before the start of the competition. Out of the remaining 34 competitors 6 were eliminated ( with  2 refusals )  and only 7 horses which included Hajla made it through to the jump off. She was on course to take  3rd spot on the time count when she rolled the final fence in the last double to put her into a final 6th position and one place outside of the money.

March 5th : BSJA Novice . Another clear and 4 saw Hajla again in 9th spot from 47.

March 4th 2006 : BSJA Novice.  Clear and 4 saw Hajla into 9th place from 48 starters.







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