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Competition results and the progress of Uburgia will be posted here on a regular basis.

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June 8th :  Eland Lodge : Discovery and 1.05m Open :  The first competition under saddle of a new rider brought a not displeasing four faults in each competition.

8th May : Weston Lawns : 1.15. Open :  A move up to this height saw a pleasing double clear 6th place.

8th May : Weston Lawns : 1.10. Newcomers : A clear and four saw the horse onto 8th from 19 others.

6th May : Weston Lawns : 1.10. Amateur Championship 1st Round Qualifier : In spite of clear jumping in the first round , Uburgia incurred four time faults.

17th April : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.10m 2nd Qualifier :  With only 3 double clears from 60 starters , Uburgia booked her place in the Final with the fastest clear and four. A decision upon the ground conditions on the day will decide whether the horse was jumped in the Final. Heavy overnight rain caused us to withdraw the horse.

16th April : Welsh Masters Championships : 1.10m 1st Qualifier :  4 faults today meant an early return to the stables.

10th April : Blue Chip Championships : Discovery Final :  The horse could not reproduce anything like its normal performance and was eliminated in the first phase.

9th April : Blue Chip Championships : Novice Final :  A strong performance today with Uburgia coming home in a double clear 9th from 107 starters.

30th March : Arena UK  :  Newcomers  Single Phase : A performance that was more in keeping with the horse's abilities saw a clear and four which put her  just outside of the places in 14th from 55 starters.

29th March : Arena UK  :  Newcomers : Another  lack lustre performance saw another four faults in the first round putting the horse into 25th from 35 starters.

22nd March : Field House  :  Newcomers : A somewhat disappointing performance today with four faults in the first round putting her well down the list.

Feb 10th : Field House : BSJA Newcomers : Lining up against 54 others , Uburgia duly obliged with a 4th place double clear.

Feb 3rd : Arena UK : Winter Novice Championship Qualifier : A competition which in spite of its name was anything but a Novice competition saw 145 horses line up for a 3 round competition starting at 1.10m in the first round. In spite of four faults we were encouraged with the horse's display !

January 15th. 2008 Field House EC : 1.05 m Open : Uburgia started her 2008 campaign today with a pleasing double clear 10th from 40 others.

November 17th : Solihull RC : Blue Chip Novice Qualifying Competition : Uburgia completed a Blue Chip  double today with a third place from 85 starters.

November 11th : Markfield EC : Blue Chip Discovery Qualifying Competition : The horse came right back into form today with a second place from 70 starters and coming home just one tenth of a second behind the winner , hence qualifying her for the Blue Chip Championships Final. As an added bonus , she completed her 4th Discovery double clear to put her into the Discovery Regional Finals for 2008 but still leaves her in the 'Novice' category.

November 4th : Field House EC : BSJA Discovery : Not the best of days today with a clear and eight faults putting her well down the order.

October 25th : Markfield EC : BSJA Discovery : A fluent double clear saw Uburgia into first place from 20 others.

September 16th : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.10m Minor Grand Prix. Table A4 . FINAL . This was a direct entry final with 110 starters. Uburgia led the competition for a time with a fast double clear but was knocked off the leader board as the competition progressed , ending up in 29th place.

September 15th : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.10m Major Grand Prix 2nd Qualifier : Luck was not on the horse's side today as she barely touched , but still dropped a pole at the final fence of the jump off hence denying her a place in the final.

September 13th : Arena UK Grand Prix Meeting : 1.10m Major Grand Prix 1st Qualifier : 4 faults in the first round meant that a second attempt at qualifying was needed.

August 27th : Scope Festival  : 1.0m 2nd Qualifier : A first round of eight faults ended the horses chances of further progress in the competition.

August 26th : Scope Festival  : 1.0m 1st Qualifier : A first round clear and eight faults in the jump off meant that Uburgia had to return for a second qualification attempt.

August 13th : Weston Lawns  : 1.10m Amateur Qualifier : This was the stiffest test given to the horse since arriving at Greenacres and she passed with flying colours with a double clear 15th place from 60 starters.

August 11th : Weston Lawns  : 1.0m Amateur Qualifier : Another double clear saw Uburgia into 9th position from 35.

July 29th : Hargate Arenas : 1.0m Scope Qualifier : The horse booked her place at Scope today with a faultless double clear display giving her 3rd from 65 starters.

July 22nd : Southview EC : 1.05m Scope Qualifier : A double clear saw the horse into the money with a 17th place from 130 starters ( Just missing out by 5 on qualification ) .

July 14th : Arena UK : 1.05m Open : A clear and four saw Uburgia into 16th from 45.

July 14th : Arena UK : 1.0m Amateur Qualifier : A steady double clear saw Uburgia into 10th place from 35 starters.

July 5th : Weston Lawns EC : BSJA Discovery : A good debut for Uburgia as she completed a double clear 5th place from 30 .

June 27th : Hargate Arenas : Uburgia was put over 3 rounds of a private training course in advance of her competition debut with Greenacres.

June 18th 2007 :    Uburgia arrives at Greenacres Stud.