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Westphalian Stallion : Pilot


Westphalian Stallion Pilot


Pilot was born in 1974 at the clinic of former FEI chief vet, Dr Cronau, as his breeder, Christa Geldbach wanted her foal to have the best right from the start.

At his first foal show, little Pilot caused a sensation and was recommended for stallion status. His breeder asked Kunibert Munch, ( the owner of Pilatus ) , to prepare him for the stallion licensing, and it was here that his difficult temperament became apparent. Even today his progeny have strong difficult characters.

Pilot was purchased by the Westfalien State Stud in 1977, and sent to the breeding station at Sande where the local breeders were not too keen to use him since his reputation for erratic behaviour had proceeded him. There was no denying that he was an elegant horse with great conformation, and he behaved well enough at the performance test at Warendorf to finish in 5th - and his foals were wonderful but the breeders in the area still didn’t want him - but Warendorf director, Dr Gerd Lehmann refused to budge, and the stallion stood at Sande until 1988, and by then the breeders were queuing for his services.

Pilot was the first show jumping stallion with progeny to earn one million deutschmarks. By the end of 1999, Pilot progeny had earned a staggering DM6,250,000.

Unfortunately, his career was coming to the end at the height of his powers. When his son Pedro was starring with Wolfgang Brinkmann in the gold medal winning German show jumping team at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the fourteen year old Pilot was already suffering from serious - and mysterious - problems with his back and hips.

Instead of being sent out with the other stallions in the breeding season, he remained ‘home’ at Warendorf where he was available through AI only. However his fame continued to spread thanks to the exploits of Pirol (Lesley McNaught), PS Priamos, Prinzregent 7 (Norbert Koof) and many others. Pilot died in 1991 at the age of 17.









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                     Pilot                                     Male            Born : 1974
          Colour : Brown
          Breeder : Christa Geldbach



Pluchino xx




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