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 The Russian Trakehner


Russian Trakehner

    The  Trakehner originated and was bred in what used to be East Prussia and is now part of Russia. In the early 13th. century , the province was colonized by the order of Teutonic Knights . They established the Trakehnen stud using the indigenous Schweiken as a base. These ponies were plain and often common , but they were also tough and hardy. Schweiken ponies descend from the Konik pony -- a direct derivative of the primitive Tarpan. They inherit and show the Tarpan's extraordinary natural vigour and powers of endurance.


Further reading upon the development of the Trakehner  warmblood horse can be found on the Trakehner Breed page on this site together with the pedigree of each  foal born at Greenacres Stud.


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  The Russian Trakehner warmblood horse is a slightly different breed from its European warmblood cousin. It is rangier and lighter and its legs are generally cleaner , especially cannons and fetlocks. It is an excellent mover. The Russian Trakehner warmblood horse is used to herd keeping and hence is more economical to keep.

Although not as enduring as endemic Russian horse breeds , the Russian Trakehner warmblood horse compares favourably with his European warmblood cousin.



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