Skeleton of the Horse Body   ( Side )

Greenacres Stud

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Skeleton Horse Body - Side







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14. 18th ( Last ) Thoracic Vertebra

15. Spinous Process of Thoracic Vertebrae

16. Spinous Process of 2nd Lumbar Vertebra

17. Spinous Process of 6th Lumbar Vertebra

18. Sacrum

19. Spinous Processes of Sacrum





20. Coccygeal Vertebrae

25. Caudal Angle of Scapula

51.  Xiphoid Cartilage of Sternum

52. 6th Rib

54. 18th ( Last ) Rib

55. Costal Arch


88. Dens or Odontoid Process of Axis

89. Dorsal Sacral Foramen

90. Mammillary Process of 14th Thoracic Vertebra

91. Transverse Process of 3rd Lumbar Vertebra

92. Lateral Sacral Crest

93. Reduced Transverse Processes of Coccygeal Vertebrae

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