Skeleton of the Horse   Forelimbs

Greenacres Stud

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Horse Skeleton - Forelimbs



21. Scapular Cartilage

22. Tuber Spinae

23. Scapular Spine

24. Cranial Angle of Scapula

25. Caudal Angle of Scapula

26. Neck of Scapula

27. Scapular Tuberosity

28. Supraspinous Fossa

29. Infraspinous Fossa

30. Head of Humerus

31. Cranial Part of Lateral Tuberosity of Humerus

32. Caudal Part of Lateral Tuberosity of Humerus

33. Deltoid Tuberosity of Humerus

34. Tricipital Line or Anconeal Crest

35. Brachialis or Musculospiral Groove of Humerus

36. Lateral Condyle of Humerus

37. Lateral Epicondyle of Humerus

38. Humeral Trochlea

39. Olecranon Fossa of Humerus

40. Lateral Epicondylar Crest of Humerus

42. Olecranon Process of Ulna ( Point of Elbow )

43. Head of Radius

44. Radial Tuberosity

45. Lateral Styloid Process of Radius

46. Medial Styloid Process of Radius

47. Carpus ( Wrist or Knee )

a. Ulnar Carpal Bone

b. Intermediate Carpal Bone

c. Radial Carpal Bone

d. Accessory Carpal Bone

e. 2nd Carpal Bone

f. 3rd Carpal Bone

g. 4th Carpal Bone












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48. Metacarpal Tuberosity

49. Metacarpal Trochlea

50. Sternum ( Breast Bone )

79. Proximal Sesamoid Bones ( Paired )

80. Extensor Process of 3rd Phalanx

81. Distal Sesamoid Bone

96. Ulna



97. Radius

98. Forecannon

99. Lateral Splintbone

100. Medial Splintbone

101. 1st Phalanx

102. 2nd Phalanx

103. 3rd Phalanx

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